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    • 4. The prize
      This is the start of the process of doing either broom or water castings. Actually the beginning...for me at doing the silver smithing, making boo-boo's, creating a scrap pile and then getting to the really fun stuff...playing with a torch! Maybe I shouldn't make the last comment public but if you've have done it or get the opportunity to do it there's an addictive or memorizing quality to it. Also you never have to be satisfied with the first, second or even third batch...just throw the rejects back into the crucible and the fun begins again.

    Pearls - a girl's second best friend

    • 1. Toggle with soft green pearls
      This album is all about knotted pearls and hand crafted toggles. What a magical combination pearls, silver and silk make. The knotted silk creates a luxurious fluid movement. Of course I couldn't resist using some of my water castings...they keep showing up everywhere!

    A tool is still a tool by any other name

    • Propane torch aka Shark torch
      Welcome to my World!! This is where it all starts. This very small area tucked into the corner of the kitchen is my "studio". I love tools! They fascinate me because you do so little and they produce so many results. I want to share with you my favourite tools currently in use, new tools just acquired to put into use and those on my wish list that I really think would be useful. In time this is going to be a very BIG album!
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